Physical Labor and Multidimensional Consciousness

My spiritual teacher Norma T. ( I write about my time with her in Farming Soul) once told me that it is easiest to develop spiritual tools to access multidimensional consciousness when we have direct contact with nature. I instinctively knew this to be true, familiar with the state of mind that comes when I… Read more »

Saving Seeds and Sovereignty of the Farmer

Harald Hoven demonstrating collecting lettuce seed.     One of the more important issues from Harald Hoven’s seed saving workshop at the Medicine for Earth and Man Biodynamic Conference this last weekend in Fair Oaks, California, was that of farmer sovereignty. In learning to grow and collect our own seed, we are exercising our human right to collect… Read more »

Beauty Transforms

Photo by Lowell Downey, Art and Clarity Beauty Transforms Beauty transforms us, but it is truly a mystery why. Perhaps the apprehension of Beauty is a portal in which we are open to a spiritual dimension that the busyness of our everyday lives has obscured. We get a view of the essence of things, feeling… Read more »

The Season to Keep Your Car Doors Locked!

The Season to Keep Your Car Doors Locked! My brother says this is the time of year that when you go to town, you better keep your car doors locked. Otherwise you will end up with somebody else’s abundance sitting on your front seat, to add to your own! It is one of the most… Read more »

Cycle of Kale

Kale planted last fall is still producing but has bolted.   One of the best leafy green vegetables that we can eat is kale, and it is amazingly easy to grow in our gardens. Not only do we love it, but when it bolts (goes to flower), the bees also love it, and when I… Read more »

May Day Honey Bee Report: Rue

A couple of years ago, Ramon gifted our garden with two rue plants that his daughter had rooted. He told us that they would ward off evil. When one died last year, he questioned us carefully about who had been in the garden. Rue on the right at the entry of our garden. We replaced… Read more »