Fallow and Storms

Fallow and Storms Winter fallow, grey day. Clouds press down, a storm predicted this afternoon, tonight, all day tomorrow. Promises of great quantities. Ramon rushes the rain, pruning vines. He will finish today, four weeks of pruning, no need this month to worry about keeping vine cuts dry. (We spray BD 501 when there is… Read more »

Rainfall: Only the Goats Complain!

Rainfall: Only the Goats Complain! We woke to light rain, 0.3 inch, added to the 0.1 from last week. After months of the summer dryness in the third year of drought, everything looks fresh and clean, except, of course, the goats, who hate rain and complain about coming out and about staying in. In the… Read more »

Casual Browsing

Boey                 Casual Browsing Yes, she is a casual bowser, meditating in her own way on sunlight turned leaf— a great exercise, it turns out, for this Crystallization period ending February 15, and particularly if you are a goat!

Still Pruning

Vine that has been carefully evaluated and pruned.               Still Pruning Pruning seems like it goes on forever! Each year Ramon has us write down the date he begins pruning vines (this year, January 2.) Each year he races himself. From start to finish, pruning to tying canes, the… Read more »