An Environmental Novel About Love and Redemption

An Environmental Novel About Love and Redemption Patricia’s novel Goatsong has launched this month!  The books are on the way!  Several events are being planned for the new year to introduce Goatsong, which will be announced in the coming weeks. What has been said about Goatsong:   Smokey Zeidel, Author of The Storyteller’s Bracelet: A moving tale of love… Read more »

Lot Number Goatsong 11

Lot Number Goatsong 11 This year 2011 most of the lavender we cut to dry came from field Goatsong, an area between our house and the labyrinth. This lavender grows in thin topsoil and the plants have grown more slowly over the years. But even now, at age 12, they are putting out the long… Read more »

Lot Number Toyon 11

Toyon leading goats up slope. Lot Number Toyon 11 Each year Ramon looks for those plants whose stems are the longest for bouquet making, and this year the field Toyon was one of two that won! Field Toyon is on an north-facing slope above the Chardonnay. Often the lavender there blooms earliest. The little brown… Read more »

Lot Number Labyrinth 11

 Lot Number Labyrinth 11 Labyrinth after the 2008 fire.   The labyrinth has many stories: The morning after Donald and I laid it out using only a rope and stakes, we found a snake skin, shed overnight, in the center. The labyrinth lavender often distills twice as much oil per pound as the lavender nearby… Read more »