Grape Harvest Has Begun!

Surveying the fruits of his labor of the last year. We picked the first third of the grapes yesterday morning, the area of the vineyard we call the old Chardonnay. It produced almost 3 1/2 tons per acre, a good yield of quality Biodynamic organic grapes!  The workers began at dawn and finished late morning,… Read more »

Finish Pruning and Rain

Pruned vines and the reminder.     Ramon has finished pruning this morning. He always races himself, and this year is his fastest ever, helped by the lack of rain, for sure!  Over the weekend we got half an inch of rain, which will make it easier for the next stage: tying the pruned canes…. Read more »

Summertime …and the Swimmin’ is Easy!

Leo and Moka take a dip. The irrigation pond, shared with our neighbor, is about half empty, but there’s still plenty of water for a morning swim! Building the soil over these years has allowed us to irrigate the vines only two or three times a season, at most, and only if needed.