Another Crossing to the Beyond

Rocu and his charges a few months ago. Photo by Art and Clarity. Another Crossing to the Beyond Each passing is a moment for pause, for gratitude. Animals visit us for such a short time and then they pass on. I always thought our llama Racu would live forever, but I was wrong. Our vet… Read more »

Racu’s Clooties

Racu rushing to a favorite rubbing spot.             Racu’s Clooties Racu, our llama, brushes pieces of his coat onto particular bushes about the ranch, almost like prayer ribbons or Celtic clooties— at least, that’s what they mind me of. He is such a regal being, a conscientious guard of a… Read more »

Quail Tales

Mr. Quail. The Mrs. is in front of him, her head obscured by the blurry grape leaf. The goats heard the alarm cry this morning before I did: Te-te-te-te! Te-te-te-te! They stopped, and a quail couple trotted through the fence and into the vineyard. We won’t hurt you, I said softly, but nevertheless, they ran into… Read more »

Goat-in-the-Garden Alternative

If you don’t want your goats in your garden, and believe me, you don’t! —then bring your garden (weeds) to your goats! Goats (and llamas) are energetic disposers of weeds, in this case, lots of plantain and mallow, turning this windfall of green into manure to compost. This also cuts down on the hay we… Read more »