Time For Activism— and to Sober Up!

Activism has become an outgrowth of my work as a Jungian psychoanalyst and as a biodynamic farmer. Perhaps it is the way that I keep my sanity! Yes, there is the inner work that is so important, both in work with the psyche and with the earth, but there is also the work with the… Read more »

In Search of a Land Ethic: The Grand Coalition

On Tuesday afternoon, January 20, 2015, The Grand Coalition of Napa County met. Fifty of us sat around a square assemblage of tables representing ten citizen groups who have been addressing land use issues in Napa County over these last years. Some have formed non-profits which hired experts and attorneys to address some of the developing problems… Read more »

Crystallization Time: January 15-February 15

Crystallization Time: January 15-February 15 We have entered the crystallization period, January 15 to February 15, that time the fallowness of the earth allows most receptivity to the cosmic forces. It is also a time I use intention to be receptive to forces within myself as well as spiritual forces without. In our fast moving… Read more »

Dark Gift of Watershed Issues

Dark Gift of Watershed Issues If life were a current, we have reached a rapids on land use issues in the Napa Valley. As above, so below: how to view these outer issues in a “so below”, inner context?  These issues are also a microcosm of what is happening on our earth. Perhaps the dark… Read more »

Napa Valley Tastings of the Other Crop: Wild Plums

Dry, with spicy intensity. (no) It is not true that goats will eat anything! In fact, they have quite discriminating palates when it comes to wild plums. Remember those plum blossoms of last February―flowery memories of prohibition in the Napa Valley, when plum orchards replaced vines? The marauding birds, coyotes, and deer seeded these mountain… Read more »

Snakes . . . Everyone Should At Least Have One . . . Copy

Snakes . . . Everyone Should At Least Have One . . . Copy   Fisher King Press is pleased to announce the publication of Snakes, a novel  by Patricia Damery Go West Young Lady! Love – Sex – Naiveté – Family – Values – Commitment – Betrayal . . . Patricia Damery weaves a seductive… Read more »

Two Blessings of 2010: Wesley and Dasher

  Two Blessings of 2010: Wesley and Dasher We start 2011 contemplating the blessings of 2010, including the birth of our grandson, Wesley, and four new goatlings.   Donald and I (Patricia) live on a small, Demeter certified Biodynamic® ranch on the lower flanks the western mountain range of the Napa Valley, California, raising grapes, lavender,… Read more »