The First Step to Mitigate Climate Change

The First Step to Mitigate Climate Change “Nature must not win the game, but she cannot lose.” This quote from C. G. Jung’s Alchemical Studies (❡229) is engraved on the wall of a subway station at 42nd street and Avenue of the Americas in New York City, an installation termed “Under Bryant Park”. The quote is… Read more »

APAC: Nature Holds the Final Card

Comments to the Agricultural Protection Advisory Committee, APAC, on June 8, 2015 I am Patricia Damery, and I live at 3185 Dry Creek Road, in Napa County, where my husband and I are growers. I am also a Jungian psychoanalyst in private practice here in Napa. I want to read a quote from the psychiatrist… Read more »

Learning to Live with a Keystone Species!

Learning to live with a keystone species sometimes takes time! The four foot pyramid-shaped pile of sticks and branches in the understory of a canopy of coastal live oak immediately caught my eye. I had never seen anything like it. Obviously, something had built this structure, yet to my uneducated eye, there was no indication as… Read more »

The Drought: Interview with Michael Presley             Some years ago I met Michael Presley at a native plant conference held at the Summerfield Waldorf School in Santa Rosa, CA. Michael presented on how to use native medicinals in landscaping, but the talk was ever so much more. It quickly became apparent that this was a… Read more »


Possible Showers Monday and Tuesday?? Yikes! Anxiety! I’d like to be philosophical, like I am with our son Jesse in talking about the business of farming, its uncertainties, how there is a lot we have no control over. It’s a partnership with Nature, I say. I know this from way back, from my farming father…. Read more »

Grape Bloom

Tiny cluster of grape blooms fully open and pollinating. The grape bloom is in full force. When you walk through the vines, you see tiny white brushes of grape bloom clusters everywhere. It rained this week, three tenths of an inch, and they say more again today. I remind myself: it often rains during bloom… Read more »