Buzzing Forest

On Easter afternoon we hike past the wild honeybee trees. The bees are busy, in and out, and our grandson Wesley is in awe! Hole in oak that leads to wild honey bee hive. Then, as we pass the spot where the road enters the forest (where the mission bells are just finishing bloom), we… Read more »

Guest Post by Jillian Lewis:Lesson from the Mighty Oak

A Mighty Vally Oak at Sunrise, photo by Patricia Damery by Jillian Lewis I have been in the forest my whole life. I grew up in a rural community that was surrounded by uninhabited forest, and I now work at a state park. Throughout the years, the forest (and nature in general) has taught me… Read more »

Forest Care

Before: Downed dead wood and brush in dangerous buildup               Forest Care After years of fire suppression (80 years in our area), there is heavy buildup of downed wood and underbrush. Part of bringing balance to our ranch involves clearing some of this. After: Forest floor that has had… Read more »