Storytelling and Farming

Publication Date: June 15 Leaping Goat Press     Farming and storytelling go together. Is it the quiet that allows the imagination to stretch, feeling into all that is possible, or might be, or was? I walked too late this morning. The sun was out and the temperature had already reached 80º, snake time. I… Read more »

Hawk Perch in Lavender

Formidable, particularly to a mouse!               Hawk Perch in Lavender Here he is, using the perch as it was intended!  Hawks are important in rodent control in our lavender and vineyard. This is probably a Red-Tailed Hawk, or Swainson’s Hawk, and he eats a lot of gophers.

HMI Practice Exercise One

            HMI Practice Exercise One We are asked to think of a simple ecosystem and make a list of the many living things living there. The question: what happens if one or two of these living things are removed? This is a part of a general principle that is also… Read more »