Lavender and Healing

Lavender and Healing The lavender that we harvested for bouquets is dry now. We dried the bunches in the dark, hanging them upside down and ventilating the room with fresh air. We cleaned the stems  of bind weed and the small leaves at the bottom of the stems. The bouquets were then packed in boxes of 30  to store… Read more »

Redefining Weeds!

Redefining Weeds! We are not complaining, believe me!  April’s cherished 0.7 inch of rain was more than welcome!  However, it did produce more grass and weeds, and again, we are at it: pulling thick-leafed “weeds” from the rose geranium, the bindweed from the lavender, the grasses from between the new plantings we have set out… Read more »

Sticky Monkey Flower and Compost

Sticky monkeyflower tends to hang outwith poison oak and coyote bush. One of the plants in full bloom now is sticky monkeyflower. A member of the figwort family, the flower blooms on our hillsides most of the summer. The hummingbirds love it, and so do goats! I wonder what energies are collected and moved about… Read more »