Making Hay While the Sun Shines! (so to speak!)

YES!!!! After a couple of weeks of storms, the greens sparkle, and the air is fresher than I can remember. We are more than happy for the storms and rain, and will be happy for more, but the morning’s blue is nothing less than Grace! Wild calendula in vineyard. California poppy in vineyard. View Our… Read more »

Pollinator Report: What’s Blooming? Coastal Oak

Coastal oak flower bunches about to bloom. This week will determine a lot about the coastal oak acorn harvest this year. We are having late rains (we are not complaining!) and the coastal oak blossoms are about to open. The last years our rains have come in March and into April, and this year is… Read more »

‘Twas a symphony out there!

Monday:  ’twas a symphony out there, water rushing everywhere! —after a weekend of over 6 inches of rain! The smaller irrigation pond is now full; the large one has quite a ways to go. In just four or five days the ground cover in the orchard has thickened and grown a good two or three… Read more »

No Rain

Watering new plantings.     We remind ourselves that many years about this time we have a dry spell and worry: is this drought? global warming? or is it the normal ebb and flow of rainfall, year in and year out? We water new helichrysum plantings this week with overhead sprinklers to help consolidate the… Read more »

Grape Bloom

Tiny cluster of grape blooms fully open and pollinating. The grape bloom is in full force. When you walk through the vines, you see tiny white brushes of grape bloom clusters everywhere. It rained this week, three tenths of an inch, and they say more again today. I remind myself: it often rains during bloom… Read more »

Boundaries and Water

Boundaries and Water This time of year storms pummel us with wind and rain; we watch the ditches along our long gravel driveway like hawks. One branch or clump of leaves stopping up the ditch can wash out the road in a matter of minutes. Donald has resisted asphalting our driveway. We think of the… Read more »