Grapes Ripening Already!

Grapes are softening. Still tart, though!             Grapes Ripening Already! I woke this week to the familiar hum of the sulfur dusters in our neighbors’ vineyards, a sound that soon will be stopping for the season. We dusted for the last time this last week. ¬†Once the grapes go into… Read more »

Impatience, But Almost There!!

Impatience, But Almost There!!   The days have fallen into a pattern: hot midday and afternoons with temperatures into the high 90’s, too hot to be out, and then cooling some after dark. Last night the crickets chirped all night. Even in this heat, the remaining grapes have taken their time, but this morning the… Read more »

Still Ripening

2007 Harvest (September 7, 2007)             Still Ripening The grapes are on the late side this year, and our cool nights are not helping. The mornings are often 48 degrees, even though the days may reach 80 degrees. Yet when I see our Demeter Crop Production reports over the last… Read more »

Grape Update

Ramon says the grapes are in veraison, meaning the they are ripening and sugars are forming. He wants me to taste the grapes, but when I do, I spit them out reflexively,  tasting no sugars!  He thinks the harvest may well be earlier this year than last. He is proud of the full,  abundant bunches… Read more »