Saving Seeds and Sovereignty of the Farmer

Harald Hoven demonstrating collecting lettuce seed.     One of the more important issues from Harald Hoven’s seed saving workshop at the Medicine for Earth and Man Biodynamic Conference this last weekend in Fair Oaks, California, was that of farmer sovereignty. In learning to grow and collect our own seed, we are exercising our human right to collect… Read more »

Learning Biodynamics from the Pros: Biodynamic Conference in August

Three volunteer bean plants originally planted from Biodynamic seeds provide enough beans for two of us. This is the third generation of this particular seed line. On August 14-16 will be a Biodynamic Conference at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA, Medicine for Earth and Man: The Earthworm, the Cow, and the Bee…. Read more »

Seeding with Dreams This Winter Solstice 2012

Does Boey dream of Toyon berries? Seeding with Dreams This Winter Solstice 2012 Our warm greetings to you at this richly dark time of the year 2012. The long nights allow time for dreams which, like seeds in the earth, can sprout in the warmth of the new year. We dream of an earth tended… Read more »