Spraying Fermented Equisetum Tea

Spraying Fermented Equisetum Tea Another of our past blogs on the use of a Biodynamic spray— which works wonders! From here on through the growing season, twice a month, new and full moon, we will be spraying the agricultural areas of our ranch with a fermented version of equisetum tea, BD 508. You can read… Read more »

Managing Powdery Mildew During Veraison

Riping Chardonnay grapes     One of the challenges of grape growing is that of controlling powdery mildew or botrytis after the grapes start developing their sugars (veraison). During the growing season we use elemental sulfur, but as we get within 5-6 weeks of harvest, we must stop. The sulfur is known to leave a… Read more »

Grapes Ripening Already!

Grapes are softening. Still tart, though!             Grapes Ripening Already! I woke this week to the familiar hum of the sulfur dusters in our neighbors’ vineyards, a sound that soon will be stopping for the season. We dusted for the last time this last week.  Once the grapes go into… Read more »

Equisetum Tea

Preparing to steep the equisetum tea which we will then ferment for ten days before use. It will keep for some time.   Although we no longer spray sulfur to protect against mildew as the grapes are in veraison, we do protect the vines by continuing to spray fermented equisetum tea, or Biodynamic prep 508, at… Read more »

Preventing Mildew

Chardonnay grapes in evening. Late July is a time that Ramon is particularly vigilant in the vineyard for mildew in the bunches. He says he smells it if it is present as he walks through the vines. We spray fermented equisetum tea (508) at the new and full moon (a ground spray, which encourages the… Read more »