Valerian and Frost

Burrrrrr!!!!! (Okay,  I know, some of you are much colder! But we Mediterranean climate people aren’t used to frost!)     When you need gloves to walk the goats in the morning, and when the grass sparkles at sunrise like stars, you seriously consider spraying Valerian on tender young plants, if you didn’t the evening… Read more »

Pruning and Winter Light

Frosty Fallowness in January                     Pruning and Winter Light January into February is about cutting back old wood. Nevertheless, wings of light unfold, if you let them, and carry you through quiet fallowness. Although we are into the fallow period and do almost no Biodynamic spraying… Read more »


Valerian Yes, she is pretty, but she wants to take over! Nothing like planting a pushy plant in your garden! She’s not content to grow only in her own bed but wants to expand into the peppers and tomatoes. She also thinks she should move into the squash. Moving into the tomato bed. Yet her… Read more »

It’s a Messy Job, but Someone’s Got to do it!

Putting Oak Bark “prep” into manure ball.               It’s a Messy Job, but Someone’s Got to do it! We wear gloves to insert compost preps. Once I didn’t―and, well, let’s just say, even lemon juice and Clorox didn’t help! We insert six biodynamic compost preps into the pile in… Read more »