Equisetum Tea

Preparing to steep the equisetum tea which we will then ferment for ten days before use. It will keep for some time.   Although we no longer spray sulfur to protect against mildew as the grapes are in veraison, we do protect the vines by continuing to spray fermented equisetum tea, or Biodynamic prep 508, at… Read more »

Grape Update

Ramon says the grapes are in veraison, meaning the they are ripening and sugars are forming. He wants me to taste the grapes, but when I do, I spit them out reflexively,  tasting no sugars!  He thinks the harvest may well be earlier this year than last. He is proud of the full,  abundant bunches… Read more »

Preventing Mildew

Chardonnay grapes in evening. Late July is a time that Ramon is particularly vigilant in the vineyard for mildew in the bunches. He says he smells it if it is present as he walks through the vines. We spray fermented equisetum tea (508) at the new and full moon (a ground spray, which encourages the… Read more »