Terroir and Lot Numbers: Sophia 11

Field “Sophia”
In organic certification we are required to track product backward through its production to the field in which it grew through lot numbers. Lot numbers say a lot (no pun intended!) about the product. Each field of lavender has a name: Sophia, Toyon, Natalie, Goatsong, and Labyrinth. The first part of the “lot number” is the name of the field in which the lavender grew. The second is a number which signifies the year.


Lavender essential oil, like wine, has a terroir. Each field has its own distinct scent which is distinguishable in the very concentrated oil. The lavender distilled into Sophia 11 grew in the largest field of lavender on our ranch near an old pioneer cemetery. It is an area through which people who attend our annual Open House in June, walk, lie down in, sit in as they listen to speakers, and photograph.

The name Sophia: the field was named after the first goat I helped birth. Her mother Natalie had to be taken to the local vet during labor, and when he went to get his wife and her smaller hands in case Sophia needed help emerging, a large dark head appeared. In awe I helped her slip into the world.

In consultation with Sophia