The Healing offered by Helichrysum Italicum

Cristin McDonnell has studied Ayurvedic medicine and brings her interest in healing to our work here at Harms Vineyards and Lavender Fields. This is one of a series of her blogs on healing.

I am a believer in thoughts creating reality, being careful what you wish for, that kind of thing. Researching plant medicines, I have heard so many great stories of clients who have used helichrysum to heal burns and was wondering about using helichrysum for a burn. Of course, I burnt myself in taking a pot off the stove. The burned area was the size of an Advil on my finger and swelled quickly. I immediately sprayed it with the helichrysum hydrosol and felt instant relief. That relief lasted for about an hour. The burn happened while I was on my way out the door.   An hour later, I found myself wishing I had brought the helichrysum in the car with me.

Helichrysum has been referred to as “aromatherapy’s most easily recognizable success story,” (Schnaublet. p 153) Not only does helichrysum treat burns, it gently and immediately relieves pain associated with the burn. Helichrysum italicum is very mild. It is so mild, it is considered safe for any skin type. The hydrosol (versus the essential oil) is okay to use for some of the more extreme skin issues, such as bleeding wounds. Helichrysum hydrosol will sanitize the wound and speed its closure. ( blog on hydrosol vs. essential oil)

Helichrysum is also used to treat hematomas, bruises and resolve old scar tissue. It is antiaging and stimulates production of new cells. I have been using the helichrysum hydrosol to resolve old scar tissue on my knees from over twenty years ago, from my not-so-smart tomboy days. I am also spraying helichrysum hydrosol on my face daily, as I have so much sun damage from growing up in Virginia Beach and spending long hours on boats, fishing with friends.

My true passion for helichrysum comes from its ability to help patients with cancer in various stages of treatment. Helichrysum is very useful after surgery in wound care and is considered most useful in breast reconstruction. It has also been used to reduce toxicity in the skin and nails, for drug-induced acne, to relieve skin and lip dryness and cracks, to treat edemas, hair loss, burns from breast radiation therapy, and for pain reduction.

Harms has been privileged to be a part of this healing with several clients who have used the helichrysum italicum hydrosol to relieve their pain from radiation burns during cancer treatment.   I will continue to write about this product from the standpoint of client testimonial. As I research the various stages of cancer and the side effects of treatment, my heart truly goes out to those who are healing physically and mentally from cancer and cancer treatment. May they consider the healing offered from this remarkable plant.



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