Time to Order the Biodynamic Preparations

BD #501, Horn Silica, is stored in sunlight.




Even one hundred years ago Rudolf Steiner foresaw the problems of climate change and of the diminishing fertility of the soil and developed practices to help. He described these practices in his lectures of 1924, now published in Agriculture, recommending that we use biodynamic preparations, or “preps,” on as much of the earth as possible. This, he said, balances opposing forces intensified in large part due to man’s practices. He claimed that the use of the preps can ameliorate the effects of larger earth changes. The practices also “work” on the farmer or gardner, offering balance in our own relationship to the nonhuman.

You can help by using these practices in your own yard or garden. There are several ways to get these preparations. A simple, inexpensive way is to enter into an associative contract with Josephine Porter Institute. Under this contract, you will receive the necessary preps for the size of your garden or farm and free consultation throughout the year.

These next weeks we will describe what we do as we begin our yearly spraying cycle. In time you may want to read some of the very good books on the topic or take a Biodynamic gardening course offered in your area. But the important thing is to just begin. Biodynamics is not hard and has far reaching effects.

If you order extra preparations, which is always a good idea, you will need to store them in a special way. Get a large crock, flower pot, or wooden box and fill it with peat moss. Bury the preps, contained in glass or ceramic jars, in the peat. Place the storage container in a dark and cool place. This protects the preps from environmental forces that may de-potentize them.

Useful resources:

Josephine Porter Institute Classes, Biodynamic Preparations, bookstore.

Josephine Porter Institute Associative Contract
Rudolf Steiner College: Biodynamic farming classes and Preparations, bookstore.
Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association: Online bookstore, educational seminars and workshops

Biodynamic book for gardening: Maria Thun’s Gardening For Life, the Biodynamic Way.

Compost “preps” packed in peat moss.
Pillow case stuffed with peat moss covers “preps.”

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February 24th-26th, 2011
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