Using Biodynamic Organic Lavender Essential Oil and Hydrosol

Using Biodynamic Organic Lavender Essential Oil and Hydrosol

Distilling lavender brings many gifts. When you distill, you get the essence of that plant’s healing properties: the constituents. For lavender, that includes constituents that balance the nervous system. If you need to relax and go to sleep, lavender helps. If you are lethargic, lavender acts as a tonic. It also helps lower blood pressure.
But that is not all. It is a natural insecticide, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. It deters mosquitoes, ants, and other insects without toxins.

How to use lavender essential oil and hydrosol: 

Mist lavender essential oil into the air or on pulse points to relax, for headaches, for anxiety and well being. It also is great for mosquitoes. Although lavender essential oil is safe to use full strength on the skin, do not spray it directly on face or into eyes. Spray on your hand and wipe on your neck and face.

The Facial Mist (hydrosol), can be misted directly on the face. On hot days, it is a great pick-me-up. It also balances the pH of the skin after bathing.

Sized for purse or car.
Great size for misting sheets, cleaning counter tops.

Mist your sheets for sweet dreams. Spray clothing before ironing.

We use the hydrosol daily is to clean counter surfaces and our floors. Lavender hydrosol is an excellent green cleaner! We keep a quart spray bottle of some of the older hydrosol in our kitchen, and then simply mist the floor and counter, let it set a minute, and then wipe clean. We also use the hydrosol full strength or diluted by half to mop our floors. The result is a fresh clean smell (different from the essential oil) and the essence of summer fields of purple and bees and sun.

We are selling bulk hydrosol for cleaning purposes only at $10 per half gallon or $50 per 5 gallon headpak . Contact us at to arrange pickup or shipping.

Harms Vineyards and Lavender Fields Biodynamic organic lavender. Grown in the Napa Valley of California. Certified by Demeter and Stellar Certification Services. County Organic Registration 28-0060.