Walking the Land

Walking the Land


There is so much you learn from walking your land each day!  There is an old saying: the best fertilizer is the farmer’s feet. I understand this in many ways.

Most days my goat companions walk with me, along with the dogs, of course. There is an implicit order: who walks first, and last. One must find one’s place in this order.

The health of each animal can be assessed by her behavior on this walk. Is someone limping, has the alfalfa been too rich, is someone in heat?

We discover who visited in the night by scat on the trail, and assess the condition of the trees in the orchard (do they need irrigation?)  Do we need to hurry frost protection of the tender  rose geranium plantings? Do limbs need to be cleared after the strong winds in the night?

It is great way to begin the day: placing oneself in space, right here, now, communing with Spirit of Place, the genius loci.

You too! How do you spend time communing with your Spirit of Place? How does She charge you?