Wider Perspective: Turning of the Year

Wider Perspective: Turning of the Year


Meditating Crow

Each afternoon this week I walk the goats and Hijo, our llama, in the meadows around our house. The sun is warm on the south slopes, the grass just barely up, and the last hours of light have that magical feel of transition.

On the eve of New Year’s Eve as I sat in the meadow watching the goats, I noticed that every Valley Oak had a bird on the very tip top, as high as you could get. On one tree was a crow; another, a tiny sparrow-like bird; on a third, a kestrel.

Balancing point

There was absolute stillness, like that pause between the in and out breath. Perhaps the birds were getting a wider perspective, as one year was about to pass, another begin.

Which is what we do today: contemplate the last year, dream into the next. May all of us have a New Year full of richnesses of Spirit!