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Check out NWEI Website! Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) posted one of my blogs as a guest blog last week. Check it out, along with several other interesting guest blogs!  On Love and Activism From their website:

What is it about an island? ―and Reflections on Clare Cooper Marcus’ Iona Dreaming

Aran na Naomh       The first contact I had with the wild islands off the coast of the British Isles was the Blasket Islands, and that was from a mile away. Although we attempted several crossings to the Great Blasket, rough seas always prevented the passage, a condition that often isolated the islanders,… Read more »

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons I wrote this several years ago, before the passing of both of my parents, a son’s wedding, and the birth of my first grandchild. Although I have yet to find the new teacher, I still love to practice. Music with Mrs. Russell’s Notes I was six when I had my first piano lesson…. Read more »

On Projection and Resonance

Boey modeling wire hay rack.       We brag on the goats’ mischief, a dead giveaway! We still laugh about the time Boris jumped into the middle of a table to get the salsa when we were showing him off to friends while having wine and hors d’oeuvres. There’s the time we found Boey… Read more »

Trees: Part Two. On Love and Activism

A tree I love. Trees: Part Two. On Love and Activism Several years ago I attended an evening performance of several ecological poets and songwriters at an environmental conference in San Francisco. I remember one songwriter straight out of the tradition of 1960’s, who accompanied her song about star thistle with her guitar. The song… Read more »

Phenomenon of Portals: Malcolm Campbell’s The Sun Singer and Smoky Trudeau’s The Cabin.

Phenomenon of Portals: Malcolm Campbell’s The Sun Singer and Smoky Trudeau’s The Cabin. Many years ago I read about an illustrator who published a series of cartoons about the atomic bomb that was being developed concurrently under highly secretive conditions in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Alarmed, the FBI investigated him, deciding not to pull the… Read more »

The Chicks of ’66

“Chicks” of ’66 Graduating Class     We were the largest baby boomer class to go through our school, around 60 in our high school graduating class, and most of us had been together since first grade. Many of our fathers farmed as we began first grade; very few did by the time we were… Read more »