Drought, Racu and the Rainmaker

Although Racu has moved on to greener pastures, and in his place, less cantankerous llama Hijo guards, this true story about a rainmaker at another time of severe drought has never been more relevant. The blog first appeared in June 2011 at the beginning of California’s drought.   At first no one noticed the Buddha I had placed in the forest… Read more »

Is There a Biodynamic Lifestyle?

In a radio interview this last week, I was asked, “Are there ways for people who don’t want to be farmers to live biodynamic lives?” This question cuts to the chase. “Yes,” I replied, and suggested practical actions, like joining a Biodynamic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, in which you subscribe and get a box of… Read more »

The Sale of a Small Family Farm

When I saw the recent missed call on my cell phone, I grew worried. I had just spoken with my sister Judy several hours before. Something must have happened. I didn’t reach her until late in the afternoon. “I received the first payment,” she said. “The farm is gone.” We knew this was coming. I… Read more »

Lilith–Serpent Dragon Wakes

When a serpent dragon wakes, beware! In the early hours of August 24, I woke to the slam of an earthquake which rocked the house and then kept going, increasing in intensity, for a full 45 seconds. Outside the sky lit up, confusing my sleep-drugged mind. Was this a thunderstorm—or had a bomb just dropped?… Read more »

Gratitude & the Great Turning: Five Things to Do

A garden is a great place to prepare for the Great Turning. You can tell almost immediately how well it is being tended. In a tended garden, there is a feeling of peace, busy peace, perhaps, with bees and hummingbirds, monarchs and swallowtails, but also a calm contentedness that comes when the weeds are not… Read more »

Finding your Sense of Place: Snakes on Amazon!

Find your sense of place again by reading Snakes! Leaping Goat Press has just released a second edition of my first novel Snakes, originally published in 2011 by il piccolo editions, Fisher King Press. It has a new cover described in an earlier post. As I have re-edited the book, I realize how much the writing of the story has formed my writing sense of self…. Read more »

The “Spiritualized Earth” and the Birth of the New Consciousness: Analytical Psychology and Biodynamic Farming: What Might Save Us

The “Spiritualized Earth” and the Birth of the New Consciousness: Analytical Psychology and Biodynamic Farming: What Might Save Us If you are in the Portland area this weekend, consider attending Patricia Damery’s Friday night lecture of the Oregon Friends of Jung at the First Methodist Church on 1838 SW Jefferson Street, Portland. Free parking. $12… Read more »

Manger Scene

Manger Scene My sister and I called the nativity the “manger scene”. We would get the set out of the attic for the first Sunday in Advent. The scene had the holy family, of course, and an assortment of angels, but also a cow, donkey, two sheep, and a shepherd. My grandmother’s set was so… Read more »

Thanksgiving Memories and Blessings

Casey and Melissa with Hosts (Angels!!) in Scotland         Several years ago when my son Casey and his partner Melissa were on an extended European trip and backpacking in Scotland, our friend Norma arranged for them to stay with friends a few days to dry out and warm up. We received a… Read more »