Spring and Lavender

Spring and Lavender

Our son Casey, daughter-in-law Melissa, and grandsons Wesley and Sabien, join us on the ranch with the lavender and aromatic cultivation and marketing. They will be sharing their experiences over these next months as they weed, harvest, and distill to get the lavender to you!

Our Family

By Melissa McLaughlin

After a week of heavy rain which soaked the fields, the ground has finally dried up again, and we are finishing the final weeding of the Sophia lot of lavender. In Biodynamics, we carefully track which field crops come from for the ultimate system of traceability and respect for terroir.

New Growth

The new growth is sprouting, and we are enjoying getting to know the young plants which were planted over the last three years. They will be ready for their first major harvest this year, and Saturday, June 18 will be our first Open House in a couple years. The Open House is held next to the Sophia lot of lavender, so we are happy that the plants are finally large enough to be beautiful company!

Casey weeding

This morning Casey was up early working in the lavender. After weed whacking for several weeks, we are going back and hand weeding each plant to remove any grasses or weeds which are crowding around or growing up through the lavender.

After breakfast the boys and I hiked down the hill and joined Casey in the fields. The boys were busy searching for bugs and leaves to feed them. Casey and I were weeding. The sun was shining—and all is well!

Weeded field