Never has it been so crucial for us to develop an awareness of the interaction between the natural world and the power of consciousness, both individual and collective. The continuance of life on our earth depends on our capacity to understand and support the streams of energy that interconnect us with each other and with all levels of the cosmos.

My work as a Jungian analyst (now retired), as a Biodynamic farmer, and as a writer, is my effort to reside in the lively intersection between the visible and the invisible realms of matter and spirit, to nourish those interconnections that thrive with our attention.

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My work-in-progress, Fruits of Eden: Field Notes, addresses some of the psychological, spiritual, and political challenges of climate change, the commercialization of agriculture, and tourism on a community, as experienced on our ranch and in Napa County. A love story for the earth, for our ranch, and for my husband, it also chronicles the changes brought to our marriage by my husband’s Alzheimers.

About Patricia

Patricia Damery

Patricia Damery is an author, a retired Jungian analyst, and a member of the C. G. Jung Institute in San Francisco. She grew up on a small farm in the Midwest, and she and her husband now farm a Demeter-certified Biodynamic organic ranch in Napa, growing grapes, raising goats, and growing and distilling lavender and other aromatic plants.

Most of her writing concerns the lively experience of spirit of place. This involves being more conscious not only of the personal psyche but of our relationship to the animate and inanimate world as well. It necessitates a shift in consciousness, a “re-membering” of an older, more open-hearted approach to the natural world and to each other, while also valuing intellect, a shift critical to the survival of life as we know it.

Her professional writing often offers a Jungian lens on biodynamics as she practices it on her ranch, bridging the work of Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner. She serves on the board of Napa Vision 2050, an activist coalition working to ensure the balance between agriculture and the watersheds, the prevailing hospitality and wine industries, and the community of Napa County, and is currently co-editor of its newsletter, Eyes on Napa. She also serves on the board of Napa Sierra Club.