What happens when you lose everything: a mother, your home, your right to live alone? What happens when society calls you undesirable? When best efforts make it worse? Three women and a child, each alone. Nature heals . . . opens hearts . . . Nelda’s small herd of goats and her wisdom, Ester’s willingness to pay attention, Dee’s caring action. These are the gifts from three unlikely women to the child Sophia. To know the saddest song there is, to know the Goatsong of tragedy, is to be reborn.


“Patricia Damery’s Goatsong is a powerful story of stewardship for the land and for those with whom we share it. Celebrate the beauty, joy, and tragedy of the Goatsong… and be moved.”
– Smoky Trudeau Zeidel, author, Observations of an Earth Mage and On The Choptank Shores, and The Cabin.

“There are some wonderful classics that transcend age and gender: The Last Unicorn, The Red Balloon, The Little Prince,. Goatsongjoins that legendary trio. Unlike many books with mythic content, the emotions of the characters are authentic, their dialogue real and profound, the psychological insight as powerful as the tale.”
– Leah Shelleda, author of Before the Jug Was Broken, and the forthcoming Book of Now

“Goatsong is a hymn to nature and natural living as well as an eternal and memorable story. Original, unorthodox and wise, the Goat Women provide Sophie with an unfettered, practical and loving worldview.”
– M.R. Campbell, Author of Sun Singer and Sarabrande.

Book Info

Genre/Keywords Literary Fiction

Length 168 pages


Leaping Goat Press

Release date October 9, 2012 (ebook) | October 6, 2012 (paperback)

ISBN-10 1926715764

ISBN-13 978-1926715766




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