Biodynamic Preparation 503: Chamomile

Chamomile (from wikipedia since it didn’t reseed!)

This fall I will seed chamomile in our garden. Although it usually reseeds itself, Peter Proctor describing it as “mercurial” because it tends to “pop up” in different places each year (Grasping the Nettle, 74), it didn’t sprout this season. We had added a lot of compost, probably inadvertently burying its seeds too deep.

One of the six biodynamic preparations, the biodynamic prep chamomile in the compost brings calcium, thereby protecting the health of the plant. It is said to prevent decay by holding in the life forces and to assist in breaking down protein into humic nutrients (Proctor, 73).

You may know it best as chamomile tea. It calms the digestive system, perhaps allowing a more gentle assimilation of nutrients into the matter of our own bodies.