Last Harvests of Season, Composting What’s Left

Last Harvests of Season, Composting What’s Left We are doing the last harvests of the season: yesterday, the rose geranium (and distillation), today the harvest of the Fuyu persimmons, which our son Jesse will include in First Light Farm Share boxes. He and his wife Lisa planted them some years ago and the trees are… Read more »

Bud Break: Beginning, Again

The season’s fruit and leaves are all wrapped up in this baby bundle.             This week the Chardonnay vines are pushing tiny buds, some already unfolding to reveal miniature leaves and future grape bunches, baby bundles of the season’s riches. Today we begin the Biodynamic sprays. The moon is in… Read more »

Biodynamic Preparation 503: Chamomile

Chamomile (from wikipedia since it didn’t reseed!) This fall I will seed chamomile in our garden. Although it usually reseeds itself, Peter Proctor describing it as “mercurial” because it tends to “pop up” in different places each year (Grasping the Nettle, 74), it didn’t sprout this season. We had added a lot of compost, probably… Read more »

Planting Stinging Nettle: Biodynamic Preparation 504

Stinging nettle flourishes in the Irish cemetery of my ancestors. What does it mean that stinging nettle does not grow on our ranch? Obviously, our hot and dry Mediterranean climate does not invite nettle, but energetically, what are we missing? Rudolf Steiner said it is the one Biodynamic preparation plant (504) for which there is no substitute…. Read more »


Dandelion adapted to our thin, dry top soils of northern California. My mother would have thought I was crazy, planting dandelion seeds in my garden! She tried to get rid of dandelions, although not too hard. We had a lot of them, the yellow heads and hollow stems dotting our yard each spring. My sister… Read more »


Valerian Yes, she is pretty, but she wants to take over! Nothing like planting a pushy plant in your garden! She’s not content to grow only in her own bed but wants to expand into the peppers and tomatoes. She also thinks she should move into the squash. Moving into the tomato bed. Yet her… Read more »

Biodynamic Field Spray in Forest

Field spray being activated with moisture overnight.             Biodynamic Field Spray in Forest This evening we are moistening the biodynamic field spray to apply to forest areas in which we have cut dead wood or thinned brush. Tomorrow afternoon we will mix a unit of the field prep (two ounces… Read more »