Conversations with David Abram and a Review

David and I in conversation at the Brower Center in February 2012 Conversations with David Abram and a Review February 2012 David Abram, deep-ecologist, philosopher, and magician extraordinaire,  and author of Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology, and I joined in conversation in a C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco event at the David Brower… Read more »

How I found the title GOATSONG

Pan Pipes, drawing by Jessica Boehman How I found the title GOATSONG Titles come from the most surprising places—at least, this is true of Goatsong. Senior Jungian Analyst and cofounder of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco Dr. Joseph Henderson inadvertently named Goatsong, a title which came when I was consulting him about… Read more »

Afterthoughts: Conversation with David Abram, Part One

Afterthoughts: Conversation with David Abram, Part One One of the lingering questions that has stayed with me since my conversation with David Abram  (C. G. Jung Institute, see below), was asked by a woman toward the end of the evening. Her question centered around how can you experience nature when most of your daily walks… Read more »


“…the psychological problem of our age is a spiritual problem, a religious problem,” (C. G. Jung Speaking:Interviews and Encounters) Enough Some many years ago I was invited to a potluck at a friend Jan’s home. Jan had made a dish that was one of her eight-year-old daughter’s favorites, and when Kayla saw the dish, she… Read more »

Two Announcements!

Two Announcements! Two events: a Radio interview and a Dialogue. Radio Interview: Check out Gray Scott’s radio interview of Patricia Damery on Serious Wonder Radio THE LATEST EPISODE: EPISODE #19 BIODYNAMIC FARMING What is biodynamic farming? Can we heal our bodies, the earth and raise our awareness by using this method? Gray Scott talks with… Read more »

Re-Storying the Psyche

Some of my storytelling relatives: My grandmother (second from the left) and her sisters, circa 1900’s   Re-Storying the Psyche My early training to be an analyst began by listening to my storytelling relatives. Besides the dinner table at noon (communal meals being an important part of communal work), stories were told during Sunday afternoon visiting…. Read more »

Living Here Together

Living Here Together Each year in our Biodynamic organic inspection and certification review, we are asked define the boundaries of land on which we live, describing what is happening on each border. First, starting at the road and following the south fence along the chardonnay vines, I describe the stretch of what we call the… Read more »