Mishewah Wappo descendent Alyx Howell said that his people call poison oak “guardian oak” and, as a result, have a better relationship with the plant. When you call it guardian oak, you are less likely to get an itchy rash. Alyx knows stories about the oaks that I have not heard from any other source. … Read more »

Waning 2013 and Dark Nights

Waning moon, December 29, 2013  Waning 2013 and Dark Nights The old slip of moon rose this morning, the Valley Oaks backlit by the beginnings of Dawn. It is the end of 2013, the darkest time of the year. I admit: I love the dark, a time that it is easier to live inward. The… Read more »

Demeter’s Grief: Reflections on Our Evolution

No wonder she was tempted! Demeter’s Grief: Reflections on Our Evolution Yes, she was a great Goddess, that Medium of a tone of consciousness, and boy, was she pissed! Her daughter Persephone had been abducted by Pluto into Hades and the Underworld. In her fury, Demeter stopped everything from growing until she got Persephone back…. Read more »

November 28: Lunar Eclipse

Heart Chakra, Anahata, from Wikipedia November 28: Lunar Eclipse If it were not storming this early morning, those of us in western United States would be able to view the lunar eclipse. It is said that this eclipse brings a showering of Divine Light, preparation and cleansing for the period of time of the Winter… Read more »

The Smell of the Living Earth

The Smell of the Living Earth Once my sister and I dug a “raccoon trap” in the fall stubble of my father’s corn field, a 3’ by 4’ hole about 3’ deep. In the bottom we placed marshmallows and then disguised the hole with dried corn stalks. The only thing we ever “caught” was the… Read more »

Biodynamic Prep 502: Yarrow: Healing Earth and Psyche

  Yarrow on our ranch. Biodynamic Prep 502: Yarrow: Healing Earth and Psyche When I first learned to use the I Ching for divination, I divined with yarrow sticks. This takes about 20 minutes: you take 50 yarrow sticks, setting one aside, which symbolizes the beginning, that state before Heaven and Earth separate. You divide… Read more »

Land Elders

Charlie Toledo by newly built straw bale shed on Suskol House land. Land Elders On June 23, 2012, we will have two speakers at Harms Vineyards and Lavender Fields Open House: Charlie Toledo, Executive Director of the Suscol Intertribal Council, and Clare C. Marcus, Professor Emerita of Departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of… Read more »