November 28: Lunar Eclipse

Heart Chakra, Anahata, from Wikipedia

November 28: Lunar Eclipse

If it were not storming this early morning, those of us in western United States would be able to view the lunar eclipse. It is said that this eclipse brings a showering of Divine Light, preparation and cleansing for the period of time of the Winter Solstice 2012.

Divine Light expands the heart. When we love, we hurt when we see how we have injured the Other, whether that be a spouse, a child, a neighbor, or more generally, our Earth. When our hearts expand to include the Earth— and the Universe— we are humbled by our own greed and thoughtlessness, a painful process!

So much has been said about 2012. How this period of time will go is, of course, a mystery, as life is always a mystery. Yet life is changing; you can feel it everywhere, and it’s been coming on a long time. We have become so embedded in the material world that, as a collective, we have lost our sensitivities to subtle realms, to spirit realms, and this has shrunk our hearts. We talk about progress in terms of standard of living and consumerism, not balance and feeling our place in the whole.

May this flooding of Divine Light fill us all! My spiritual teacher Norma T. said the most important thing that we can do for our Earth and for each other is to expand our auras, or energy fields, which brings an awareness of our interconnection to everything. May this showering of Divine Light expand us all, that we may feel this astounding web of Universe of which we are One.

Jesse and Lisa visiting the tree circle where they were married several years ago.