Join us Saturday in the Corn Room!

Donald by one of the corn room’s walls. He is 6’6″!         This last weekend Donald and I attended the wedding of Daniele and Jeremy, close friends of our son Jesse and his wife Lisa, at First Light Farm. Jesse planted a corn field for the occasion and hollowed out a “corn… Read more »

Winter Solstice Eve: On Suffering

Winter Solstice Eve: On Suffering Many years ago my dear friend Harold worked by day in the Cambodian refugee camps doing AIDS education. These camps were places of horror. At night the Khmer Rouge would raid the camp of young boys and men, killing or recruiting. Harold had a friend, a Buddhist nun, who also… Read more »

An Environmental Novel About Love and Redemption

An Environmental Novel About Love and Redemption My novel Goatsong has launched this month!  The books are on the way!  Several events are being planned for the new year to introduce Goatsong, which will be announced in the coming weeks. What has been said about Goatsong:   Smokey Zeidel, Author of The Storyteller’s Bracelet: A Moving Tale of Love… Read more »

Wild Strawberries and Poets

Wild Strawberries and Poets Wild strawberries are like poems of the Earth. You don’t propagate them; you come upon them—and when you least expect. At first you see a hint of deep red in the three leaf clusters lying so close to the ground. You bend down, pick the tiny berry— tiny, at least, by… Read more »

“Where Land and Spirit Meet”

“Where Land and Spirit Meet” Patricia Damery, poems & images Leah Shelleda & Bill Fulton, poems & images Sunday, Septer 19 3:30 – 5:30 Jung Institute of San Francisco 2040 Gough Street If you plan on attending please call 415-771-8055, ext 208