Join us Saturday in the Corn Room!

Donald by one of the corn room’s walls.
He is 6’6″!





This last weekend Donald and I attended the wedding of Daniele and Jeremy, close friends of our son Jesse and his wife Lisa, at First Light Farm. Jesse planted a corn field for the occasion and hollowed out a “corn room.”  This is more than appropriate as Demeter, Greek goddess of grain, also was a goddess of young married couples and fertility. So this corn room, blessed by such a joyful occasion, will now be the site of our harvest celebration reading at 2 pm Sunday, September 29: Celebrating Harvest: Poetry, Prose, Libations.

Please celebrate this season of harvest of fruits of our labors and of our earth with us! Four of us are reading.

Leah Shelleda will read from her own book of poetry as well as a compilation she edited of several poets (including Anita Endrezze, Crystal Good, Dunya Mikhail, Jane Downs) who address earth change. “They do not deny for a moment that there is terror in the world, but they still recognize beauty…beauty shows up in the damned places.”

The Book of Now: Poetry for the Rising Tide (il piccolo editions, Fisher King Press, 2012)
After the Jug is Broken (il piccolo editions, Fisher King Press, 2010)

Naomi Ruth Lowinsky’s work opens portals to other worlds and the ancestors, who demand their say!

The Faust Woman Poems (il piccolo editions, Fisher King Press, 2013)
Adagio and Lamentation (il piccolo editions, Fisher King Press, 2010)

Frances Hatfield’s poetry focuses on the encounter with the immanent Divine in the intersection of all worlds, within and without, human and non-human, self and other.

Rudiments of Flight (Wings Press, 2013)

I will read from my novel Snakes which explores the grief of loss of connection to land and the ways in which that grief, paradoxically, opens us to connection again. Having grown up on a small farm in the Midwest, I could not be more at home than in a “corn room!”

Snakes (il piccolo editions, Fisher King Press, 2011)
Goatsong (il piccolo editions, Fisher King Press, 2012)

The event is FREE and will be followed by a book signing and light refreshments.

For directions: First Light Farm, 4588 Bodega Avenue, Petaluma, CA

The Farm Stand will be open from 11-5 pm, so consider also picking up some amazing certified organic produce! 

Bring a hat and wear sturdy shoes. There is a short walk to the corn room.