Announcement: Snakes soon to be republished!

Publication Date: June 15 Leaping Goat Press       Snakes: a Novel┬ábegan┬áthe first evening I met with the writing group of women which still meets every month these 30 years later. We had a exercise in which we were to talk with an inner critic. In my mind’s eye, a giant serpent came and… Read more »


The house built by Thomas Pope     Inheritances You always wonder, will this be the last time? Saying goodbye to the old house is like that, the house built by my great grandfather Thomas Pope before the turn of the last century and populated by my family ever since. It is an East Lake… Read more »

Loss of Farmland, Loss of Soul

Loss of Farmland, Loss of Soul Article by Patricia Damery What is the impact on the human soul of a people losing the land they farm along with their right livelihood? Growing up on a small farm in the Midwest, I was of the last generation to be raised in a large, predominately rural culture…. Read more »