Announcement: Snakes soon to be republished!

Publication Date: June 15
Leaping Goat Press




Snakes: a Novel began the first evening I met with the writing group of women which still meets every month these 30 years later. We had a exercise in which we were to talk with an inner critic. In my mind’s eye, a giant serpent came and told me to concentrate only on describing the patterns on her body. I began writing all the snake stories that I had ever heard as a child growing up on a small farm in the Midwest. The snake stories are true; the storyline developed as the protagonist Angela struggled with her relationship to her family and with her disturbed relationship to the land after moving from small farm life to study marine biology in California.

The snake is the medium, a symbol of psyche and earth; that first inner serpent is so like the snake on the new cover of Snakes (by Matt Hinrichs)!
Tell me what you think about the cover! I will be having a special offer in the next two weeks as Snakes is republished and relaunched by Leaping Goat Press and I would like your help. Watch for details!