Dousing, The Serpent Mind, and Lilith

In exploring Lilith’s qualities reflected in being depicted as a serpent, I want to refer to a description of her from the 13th century Cabalistic text, The Zohar. Lilith is described as “the soul of all the beasts of the field and every living creature that creepth.” As such, she can talk with plants and… Read more »

How Lilith Got Us Evicted and What It Means

Who is Lilith, really? She is often named as Adam’s first wife, cohabiting with him until he was given a soul. Then she flew off and began to cause trouble, first appearing as a serpent and tempting Eve with the forbidden fruit, then proceeding to terrorize humanity in her volatile, fiery ways. She is that… Read more »

June 9: Free Offer on Snakes: A Novel

June 9: Free Offer on Snakes: A Novel In a week I will have pdf copies of newly soon-to-be republished Snakes (Leaping Goat Press, June 2014) and I am looking for people to read and then, if you like it, review the novel for Amazon (if you don’t, e-mail me instead!) Click on the link below, and… Read more »

Join us Saturday in the Corn Room!

Donald by one of the corn room’s walls. He is 6’6″!         This last weekend Donald and I attended the wedding of Daniele and Jeremy, close friends of our son Jesse and his wife Lisa, at First Light Farm. Jesse planted a corn field for the occasion and hollowed out a “corn… Read more »

Two Reviews: Marked By Fire: Stories of the Jungian Way

Naomi and me at a recent reading. Photo: Dan Safron     Marked by Fire received two incredible reviews (Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche, May 2013) by George and Suzanne Wagner. We could not be more honored! Suzanne Wagner is a senior analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute in San Francisco practicing in Sausalito. She was the writer… Read more »

Goatsong: A Novel

Goatsong: A Novel My new novel Goatsong, to be released by Fisher King Press in November 2012, began 25 years ago when, during my daily walks, I found piles of garbage near my home. At first I searched through the piles for identifying information, took recovered addresses to the sheriff’s office, and fumed when nothing… Read more »

MOSES Organic Farming Conference & Farming Soul

MOSES Organic Farming Conference & Farming Soul   For those in the area Feb 24-26, 2011, be sure to visit the: MOSES Organic Farming Conference February 24th-26th, 2011 at the La Crosse Center in Downtown La Crosse, WI 300 Harborview Plaza – (300 South 2nd Street) Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation will be on… Read more »

A Soul’s Song

Photo Courtesy of Melissa McLaughlin Article by Patricia Damery Meditation at First Light You Take My Breath Away You take my breath away, Valley Oaks! Centenarians gracefully firm in the fog of the grand meadow. A Soul’s Song A hawk cries, hunting in the forest and patchy clearings surrounding the remote house my writing coterie… Read more »