Cows and Climate Change

Okay, these goats are trimming up the toyon, good for
fire prevention, but it is important that they move on. Browsing
goats need to be monitored so they do not deforest an area.


Research shows that wise grazing of cattle (and other animals, including goats!) improves fertility of the soil while also sequestering carbon, key to mitigating climate change. Overgrazing diminishes fertility of soils, witnessed by decreased biodiversity and soil erosion.  A Marin County MALT study tells more.

Learning to carefully monitor the impact of animals grazing and to spread compost made from manures builds soil, increasing the soil’s ability to hold moisture.

Since we started using biodynamic compost on our ranch fourteen years ago, we have been able to irrigate much less and our grape production has doubled.  Healthy soils make healthy plants, and contribute to a healthy planet.