Making Barrel Compost

Making Barrel Compost In December Jesse and I made barrel compost and buried it in the hollow of an ancient oak that fell last May. We “stirred” eggshells and basalt dust into Biodynamic cow manure that Jesse got from his friend Seth (we do not have cows on our ranch) for a full hour, and… Read more »

Cows and Climate Change

Okay, these goats are trimming up the toyon, good for fire prevention, but it is important that they move on. Browsing goats need to be monitored so they do not deforest an area.   Research shows that wise grazing of cattle (and other animals, including goats!) improves fertility of the soil while also sequestering carbon,… Read more »

Cup of Tea for Young Lot Sophia

Young Lot Sophia lavender the first week of May. After fermenting the compost tea for at least 24 hours, we serve the young Lot Sophia plants about a cup each. The plants are pushing some growth, which means they are rooting in, and this tea will provide a good source of nutrition to facilitate this… Read more »