Earthquake, Farming, and Light from Below

Serpent like line runs through lavender.

She runs west of our home, severing irrigation pipes and alarming us more than a little!  In my imagination, she is a dragon who woke up writhing wildly in the early hours of Sunday morning. Believe me, we noticed her! The walls of our home twisted and everything in the house moved two or three feet west, resulting in a kind of violent decluttering!

It is said that the use of Biodynamic preparations helps mitigate many environmental factors. I wonder if this is also true of calming the trauma of earthquakes. I know we will spray this ground with BC Prep (barrel compost) and BD 500 (horned manure), both earth sprays.

At the time of the quake lightening-like lights lit of the sky, evidently caused by electrical charges from the stress on rocks in the earth. As these charges reached the surface, the air was ionized so strongly it lit up. The charge then returned to the earth until the next event. I would hope that the earth sprays will help the earth ground this energy.

We are very open to any thoughts about working with this dragon energy through Biodynamic practices— or any other method. This week has renewed not only our deep respect for the vast energies of our earth but also for our vow to learn to work with the earth energies and this light which came from within rather than from above.