Earthquake, Farming, and Light from Below

Serpent like line runs through lavender. She runs west of our home, severing irrigation pipes and alarming us more than a little! ┬áIn my imagination, she is a dragon who woke up writhing wildly in the early hours of Sunday morning. Believe me, we noticed her! The walls of our home twisted and everything in… Read more »


Tiny bud. Within a couple of days, leaves will be unfolding.                 Budbreak Yesterday Ramon asked that the goats no longer walk through the vines as the buds have swollen into white fuzzy bulblike balls and will be unfolding within the day into tiny leaves (delicacies to a… Read more »

Biodynamic Rain Dance

  Upper Reservoir. Photo Art by Bill Fulton. Biodynamic Rain Dance This week we will do a Biodynamic sequence spray to increase moisture. On Wednesday afternoon, October 17, we will begin by stirring two earth preparations together, Barrel Compost (BC Prep) and BD 500 (horned manure), which we spray on the ground in the late… Read more »


Aaron Bader of Adler Fels Winery Waiting Our winemaker for Adler Fels Winery, Aaron Bader, tests the rest of the grapes, saying it will be another week to ten days before harvesting them. The weekend is to bring temperatures into the 90’s, which may speed the ripening up, but also be dehydrating. We will spray… Read more »