Finding your Sense of Place: Snakes on Amazon!

A watercolor my father painted of the family farm, his own beloved sense of place that spawned me.

Find your sense of place again by reading Snakes! Leaping Goat Press has just released a second edition of my first novel Snakes, originally published in 2011 by il piccolo editions, Fisher King Press. It has a new cover described in an earlier post. As I have re-edited the book, I realize how much the writing of the story has formed my writing sense of self. When I began the novel, I had joined the writing group that I am in to this day, a group of women who not only mentored me as a writer, but an editor as well.

But the  stories also wove my Jungian analyst interest in collective dreams, which these snake stories are, back into my relationship to the earth, and, eventually, to farming. These snake stories are really about relationship to earth, sense of place, and  genius loci.

If you have not read Snakes, I invite you to now. For a short time I will send you a PDF for free in exchange for your willingness to post a review on Amazon, if you like it. If you don’t, write me!

Reviewer and Author Malcolm Campbell just blogged about the re-release. Visit him at And explore his site! He is an entertaining, informative, generous blogger.