Guard Llama

Hijo and me after our bonding walk. Now I hope he likes
Gaviota and Dasher, Boey and Petunia, Agaleah and…



Racu’s demise has left a power vacuum on our ranch. The goats have been unruly and the coyotes get way too close at night. A consult with our Animal Communicator Rafaela Pope suggested that we get another llama in here pronto! Not that we needed a consultant to tell us this!  but the goats had been so rowdy that we had to have some input.

So Saturday we visited High Thyme Llamas on Sonoma Mountain, the ranch we got our pygmy goat start with 19 years ago as well as our llama Rocu. It is a great place to get a guard llama, by the way.  Johnna and Kim, the owners, picked out this guy Hijo for our needs, and he is really a love!  He will arrive next Sunday.