Happy Thanksgiving from Harms Vineyards!

Boey and St. Francis: Thanks for the animals! Happy Thanksgiving from Harms Vineyards! There is so much for which to be grateful this year: the harvests of grapes and lavender; our dear llama Racu who guarded our goats these last sixteen years and passed this fall; our customers who have supported our Biodynamic organic farming… Read more »

Guard Llama

Hijo and me after our bonding walk. Now I hope he likes Gaviota and Dasher, Boey and Petunia, Agaleah and…     Racu’s demise has left a power vacuum on our ranch. The goats have been unruly and the coyotes get way too close at night. A consult with our Animal Communicator Rafaela Pope suggested… Read more »

Another Crossing to the Beyond

Rocu and his charges a few months ago. Photo by Art and Clarity. Another Crossing to the Beyond Each passing is a moment for pause, for gratitude. Animals visit us for such a short time and then they pass on. I always thought our llama Racu would live forever, but I was wrong. Our vet… Read more »

Animal Corridor

Stretch of meadow to the south is an important animal corridorOur guard llama protects the goats. Loud, piercing coyote howl in the meadow in the early hours of the morning—then a whole pack of yaps dying off to the south. I hope they were not hunting the fawns of the mother doe I saw browsing… Read more »