January 6: Another Possible Scenario

January 6 is celebrated as the date the Magi arrived with their gifts. On our ranch we do the Three Kings Preparation spray, a gift spray to the land and all who reside there, human and non-human alike.
The following is a gift story —that might have happened!
Once there was a herd of goats who got caught in a storm and sought shelter in a cave. It was that time of the year it was light only a few hours. Even at the cave’s entrance there was not much light. The goats’ shepherdess knew of their plight and brought them armfuls of grass for the night and sat with them.

But the storm did not stop that night, nor the next day. The shepherdess brought water in buckets and more grass. The goats lay, legs tucked underneath, and chewed their cuds.

The third night of the storm the young goats grew very restless and bored. They annoyed the larger goats with their antics and got butted by the mothers. This made everyone irritable.

On the fourth day, a quiet came in that dark cave. The kids snuggled with their mothers, who snuggled with each other. Heads draped over fat bellies. They breathed as one, bellies lifting and falling, lifting and falling. They were interconnected, flourishing in the warmth of each others’ bodies, and they enjoyed it. In that darkness they received the living spark of love!

Every year after that, in the darkest time of year, the herd remembered those dark days in the cave when they received the first gift.

May we all know the warmth of connection with each other and with all that resides in our universe!
For more on the Three Kings Preparation, see patriciadamery.com

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