On Being Grounded

On Being Grounded

What is being “grounded”… a term so often used these days?  “She is not very grounded.” “I need to get grounded.” We often use it to talk about people who are flighty or “not in their bodies”. But what does that mean?

I received an “embodied” answer yesterday. I consulted a psychic about a situation. (Yes, in fact, I do consult psychics occasionally. In fact, my spiritual teacher was characterized as a psychic.) I had consulted her several months before when she had cautioned me to rest and have more time off, which I have done.

Yesterday I tried to scheduled the appointment on line, wishing for an immediate phone appointment and also realizing this was probably impossible. In fact, I was relieved to see openings later in the week. When I attempted to schedule one of these times, I was surprised to see the appointment was made for three hours later! I immediately felt the presence of what my spiritual teacher termed called “guides and teachers”. This was not a coincidence, and I let myself feel that.

When the psychic answered the phone for my appointment, she immediately said, “you are so much more grounded than last time! You are in contact with your guides and teachers!” The appointment continued, and I got helpful information, but this statement was perhaps the most important of all.

At first it seems paradoxical: how can being in touch with the realm of spirit be “being grounded”? And yet, I also know how much more grounded I feel when I attend to these matters of spirit, of spirit in matter. I feel most grounded when I have meditated; when I walk with my goats, which requires immediate attention to the present; when I simply sit and take in the beauty of my garden. I feel grounded when I weed lavender for hours, and my mind gives up thought.

Neuroscience helps to understand the state of being grounded. (For more on this, see Dowsing and Evolution of Consciousness) The brainwave threshold of alpha (relaxation) and theta (the state reached in dreams or hypnosis, associated with the subconscious), about 7.8 hertz, is also the resonance of the earth. When we are in that state, we are in resonance with the earth, grounded. We experience a feeling of at-onement and are open to banks of information that are not available in our everyday consciousness. This includes subconscious material as well as, perhaps, contact with presences that are not us, the land, a tree, spirit!

And as C. G. Jung said, “Sometimes a tree can tell you more than can be read in a book.” Perhaps for our well being and groundedness, it is time we learn to listen.