On Frogs

Wesley and his dad catching tadpoles



After the rain began last month, the frogs started their seasonal chorus, so loud at night that, if you are close to the pond, it can hurt your ears. Their vibrancy has resulted in a myriad of tadpoles which swim along the deep irrigation pond’s edge eating algae and keeping the water clean.

Sabien discovers pond life.

Frogs have been around 250 million years, but now one-third of their amphibian populations are at risk of extinction. Two hundred species of frogs have disappeared since 1980.

An indicator species, frogs mean clean water free from pollution, water which has run off from clean land. Many species depend on frogs for their food. We depend on frogs to keep our irrigation ponds free from algae and to remind us that we all are important here, down the the last tadpole!

May my grandsons show their grandsons tadpoles that come in spring to take up their place in our life on earth.