On Frogs

Wesley and his dad catching tadpoles     After the rain began last month, the frogs started their seasonal chorus, so loud at night that, if you are close to the pond, it can hurt your ears. Their vibrancy has resulted in a myriad of tadpoles which swim along the deep irrigation pond’s edge eating… Read more »

What a Difference 48 Hours… and 7.5 Inches of Rain Makes!

It’s been waiting all winter for this!     Last week this time we could not have imagined that we would receive eight inches in eight days… and 7.5 inches in the last 48 hours, and still going, bringing us to 82% of our normal for this time of year in Napa. Our small irrigation… Read more »

Rainy Day Meditation on Drought

Patient meditation as lower pond fills.     Two frogs woke me in the night, croaking back and forth right under our bedroom window. Yes, I welcomed them! I haven’t heard them in weeks! It is raining at last! Almost 3 inches these 24 hours and it’s still pouring, periods of heavy rain predicted throughout… Read more »

Drought as Consultant

Drain line into lower pond—waiting. Drought as Consultant We have had no measurable rainfall since December 7, and only 2.3 inches in so far this season. It is easy to feel anxious. Our ponds are effectively empty (the heron still fishes for Ramon’s fish in the larger pond, but he can stand at any place… Read more »