Pacific Madrone: Healing?

Remember that madrone leaf I photographed in April, the tree I feared was in its last season?  Look at it now!  The leaves are clear and without the tell-tale spots of Sudden Oak Death.

Pacific Madrone’s fresh green leaves.

Which begs the question: is it healing? Madrones do grow new leaves in summer, and the old leaves fall at the same time, but this tree looked very dead in April. We have sprayed Biodynamic preps around it and in the forest, and particularly, field spray, a mixture of the compost preps and 500. Was it infected with Sudden Oak Death or one of the other several pathogens affecting our forests? If so, is it as much better as it looks? Should we be experimenting more broadly with these Biodynamic preparations in our ailing forests?

Madrone tree with its new leaves