Making Medicines and New Consciousness

I just returned from a five day seminar/workshop, Alchemical Lab II, Making Medicines, presented by Dennis Klocek and Matias Baker at the Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, CA. The days were a deepening of the work we began a year ago, a sinking into the task of our time: healing through development of consciousness… Read more »

The Blessed Greenness!

It is beginning!     The great greening happens so quickly in Napa! Within the week of the first substantial rain of the season, tiny green sprouts present themselves below dried vegetation. Within days the landscape changes from the brown and grey grace of summer and autumn to the benedicta viriditas of winter… so different… Read more »

Silently Drawn into the Present

 Silently Drawn into the Present A quote from Rumi arrives on the Internet this morning: Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.  The dappled shadows of the wind-whipped trees flash again and again on the wall this dawn and I think, yes, That. … Read more » New Beginnings!  Our Harms Farm Log domain name was hijacked, so we have another: (Oh, Coyote has his ways!!) We are also shedding some of our old packaging, discontinuing some products and bringing in the new, which we will announce soon. Our updated website will go online next week, making it more searchable,… Read more »

Pacific Madrone: Healing?

Remember that madrone leaf I photographed in April, the tree I feared was in its last season?  Look at it now!  The leaves are clear and without the tell-tale spots of Sudden Oak Death. Pacific Madrone’s fresh green leaves. Which begs the question: is it healing? Madrones do grow new leaves in summer, and the… Read more »

Biodynamic “Preps” arrive!

Biodynamic Preparations for 2012 arrive! Last Thursday our “preps” for the year arrived in a rather small box. I am always astonished at how little space is required for the preparations which treat 8 farmed acres over the course of the coming year. We repack the earth or compost preps preparations in ceramic and glass… Read more »